This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do by introducing yourself but before I begin I'd like to say thank you for visiting my website.

As of 2018,I am now a graduate of Marine & Natural History Photography from Falmouth University and have to say I've enjoyed my time down in Cornwall and will miss it very much. But I'll remain within the South West as I'll head back to Somerset. I'm fortunate to be based within this part of the UK and be able to visit Dorset, Wiltshire and Devon as well.

As you maybe aware I currently have alot of landscapes and seascapes. This is a genre that inspires me to head out and collaberating with nature by creating what you see.  My intreast in nature does not just involve capturing the world we see but also the wildlife when I remember to bring the big lenses.

Other than nature I have a passion for motorsport and have attained the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which I hope to do again soon. My other intreast is history which helped to inspire my final projects at Falmouth University by exploring Ancient Landscapes of Cornwall. There are many locations to still be explored in the near future. This project has helped to cement my respect towards Cornwall by visiting these locations which might not be known to everyone. You could say I've connected to the county.

So what now? A question I asked myself a lot. Small steps at the moment but one way or another I will always have my camera and keep exploring.